Escrevendo para um amigo (em inglês) sobre o que eu gostaria de fazer em Ubatuba:

The other path I'm thinking of (the megalomaniac one) is trying to tackle the lack of universities here. With the crisis, I don't expect any public universities arriving in Ubatuba before decades. And the private ones are really mediocre given current brazilian standards. I think of something that mixes curating online courses with weekly meetings on the territory, as well as a heavy experimental practice as suggested by Antonio Lafuente in Slow U ( ). I would seek help from a number of established or retired professionals, teachers and activists who moved to Ubatuba for life quality reasons. And draw a general curriculum on socio-environmental innovation, circular economy, transformatórios and sustainable tourism. The idea would be first to target the young talents who already suffer the need to move away when they are 17, and never come back. With time, we would be able to develop their talents without needing to leave the city (and to attract talents from elsewhere too). They could work here on the public sector, social enterprises, associations and cooperatives. But again, that's the megalomaniac project that I'm not even trying to start for now.

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