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Innovation, Society and Environment


Set up a dynamic institution of a radically new sort that will offer higher education and develop research on socio-ecological innovation.


The first iteration of Prisma will be a professional course on socio-ecological innovation with one year of duration.


1. Preparation

1. Incorporation of Instituto Prisma with advice from legal and fiscal consultancies 1. Develop partnerships with local institutions, municipality and companies 1. Develop partnerships with external parties (Brazil and abroad) 1. Develop and deploy online environment for shared contents 1. Hire team and develop syllabus of course: online contents, study groups, laboratories 1. Open for sign-up


Prisma is one of the outcomes of the Ciência Aberta Ubatuba project. Know more about it below:


Prisma is one of the projects being built within inc.ubalab collaborative incubator.

Help us quickstart Prisma

Prisma is so far a self-funded project developed by UbaLab. We could use your help, in one or more of the following:

  • Financial support to help us shape CISA and other projects;
  • Send feedback on our plans, point Prisma to interesting people or organisations, or suggest relevant references or partnerships (emailing us at contato AT ubalab DOT org).